With this application you can download videos to your smartphone so you can watch them whenever you want when you do not have internet (wifi or data) and share them with your friends.


YouTube Downloader for Android (free youtube download)


If you just want the music of a video you like, you can do it downloading the sound of the video to mp3 or mp4. Download the MP3 Video Converter application, from here we recommend downloading it so that we can convert MP3 videos of songs that interest us.

The videos are downloaded with optimum quality and also gives us the option to choose the screen resolution (download quality) although it depends on your device. For example, you can have videos in HD (high definition) in case of using the APP from your Samssung S7.

To download the videos we recommend a good internet connection (wifi) and then once downloaded to be able to see them at all times without needing an internet connection.

For other devices or for PC we recommend the following alternatives:

  • PC: aTube Catcher
  • Windows Phone: Tube Pro
  • iPhone: Tube Downloader Pro
  • BlackBerry: DuoBerry
  • Firefox browser: Downloader Helper
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